Ever since Uglylogo and myself first met, we’d talked about doing a collab piece together. We never found the time to do so, but when it was decided that we were both going to be represented by illustration agency byHands, we saw it as the perfect opportunity for us to go ahead with our collaboration.

A sheet of paper was mailed back and forth until we had a finished sketch, which was then inked. We met up in Oslo and did the colouring together, then screen printed it by hand at Fellesverkstedet.

3-color screen print (+ blue stamp)
45 × 64 cm
Edition of 111, signed and numbered
1600 NOK / €170 + shipping

If you’re interested, please mail/call me or visit the Brenneriveien web shop.

Photo: Nils Skogstrøm

✸ Gold, Open class illustration, Visuelt 2014